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Deals can be brought to the DAO by any DAO member. The first step is general discussion in ‘the-hive’ channel in the Discord. It doesn’t matter if your project/deal gets traction, the next step is to post the deal in the forum. The conversations will start in the forum. …

Please read carefully before you send fund for the Tao DAO sale.

Important points:-
Please send BUSD here- 0x872e2599AbA69fe142359396Fc029cb81f196cb6.
. The fund will be collected in a multisig wallet.
3. The funding is being done in Binance Smart Chain and the only accepted token is BUSD.
4. Please send your contribution only…

HoneyDAO is a for-profit DAO investing in early DeFi projects. We started with genesis where everyone who filled the form was airdropped 1 xDAI and 100 voting shares. HoneyDAO uses DAOHaus for its voting purposes. You can visit HoneyDAO on DAOHaus here — https://app.daohaus.club/dao/0x64/0x39db31079593a6b544399722536d94db25399e58, …


Decentralized VC funding seed or private rounds of DeFi projects.

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