The Tao DAO sale. How to fund it? How to sign it?

2 min readApr 28, 2021


Please read carefully before you send fund for the Tao DAO sale.

Important points:-
Please send BUSD here- 0x872e2599AbA69fe142359396Fc029cb81f196cb6.
. The fund will be collected in a multisig wallet.
3. The funding is being done in Binance Smart Chain and the only accepted token is BUSD.
4. Please send your contribution only from your voting address, or please contact haikukoten if you want to use a different wallet.
5. The min cap is $300 and there is no max cap, but if we cross the allocation limit, the bigger depositors will be capped to make sure smaller depositors can participate too.

How to use Binance Smart Chain?
Make sure to change your network from ETH Mainnet or xDAI to Binance Smart Chain. If you use Metamask, please read article by Binance Academy regarding connecting to BSC.

How to remain anonymous?
The easiest way to remain anonymous if you’re using a new wallet as a voting address is to send funds from exchanges such as Binance. Or contact haikukoten if you want to use a different address.

How to sign the multisig transaction if you’re added as a signer?
You can check if you’re an owner of the safe by visiting — and checking out the owners. Please check this video to learn the multisig signing process —

There are risks associated with the project as mentioned in The team has agreed to multisig the vested contract. The project itself may fail, so please invest within your appetite. There is no compulsory funding. The DAO will have more projects in coming days, so please calm down and think before you invest. Honey DAO is not responsible for any of your losses.




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